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Fixate Film was born from the brain of a blogger who felt her love for the big (and small) screen deserved a place of its own to thrive.

Meet the Editor

sophie butcher fixate filmSophie Butcher is a graduate of Media Studies and a professional writer and marketer who has had an instilled love of film her whole life.

This passion for cinema grew stronger through university as she studied the theory and ideas behind some of the masters of film, and started writing film reviews for her own blog.

Fast forward to the present day and Sophie works as a Marketing Manager, putting every moment of her spare time in bringing the very best content to film and TV lovers, as well as writing for her own personal blog.

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Kim Higson is a graduate of Film Studies who has had a passion for film her whole life. She has grown up seeking the strange and obscure side of the art form and has a particular love for horror, independent and world cinema. Kim now spends most of her free time on the hunt for something new to see, whether a brand new release or a forgotten gem, and reading up on all the latest in film news. Today, Kim has partnered her love of film and writing to bring you the very best in film and TV.